About Us

TRAFx Research Ltd. (est. 2001) develops and sells advanced counting systems. A TRAFx system consists of state-of-the-art hardware and software to collect, retrieve, analyze, manage, store and share data. Integral to each system is the TRAFx counter. TRAFx offers the following counter types: vehicle counter, infrared trail counter, mountain bike counter, and OHV counter.

TRAFx products are used by government agencies and research institutions in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, and elsewhere for: parks and public lands management, recreation studies, traffic and transportation studies, and visitor studies. TRAFx Research Ltd. has pioneered unique and innovative solutions that make us a leader in our field. One of our specialities is counting solutions for rugged, rural and remote areas.

The company’s office is in Canmore, Alberta, adjacent to one of the largest aggregations of parks and protected areas in the world. World-famous Banff National Park, five minutes by car from Canmore, is part of a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bow Valley at Canmore

Mount Rundle near Banff

View from TRAFx Office

Both Canmore and the Banff townsite sit in the scenic and ecologically-important Bow Valley. Canmore is about one hour from Calgary, a rapidly growing city of over one million people. Canada’s national highway, the TransCanada, one of the longest in the world, links Canmore to both Calgary and Banff National Park. With easy motor access, Banff National Park is one of the most visited in the world: approximately 8 million vehicles enter the park annually. Our designs have benefited greatly over the years from feedback provided by Banff National Park and other similar government organizations.

The city of Calgary, Alberta

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The Banff-Canmore region is the most heavily visited area in North America where grizzly bears live. It is also a mecca for outdoor recreation. The overlap of large numbers of people, busy roads and trails, and important wildlife habitat, has created serious management challenges.

How best to manage both people and wildlife in this popular, ecologically sensitive area? The question has no easy answer, but good data is integral to good management. TRAFx Research Ltd. grew out of the need for state-of-the-art, cost-effective tools to gather, analyze and manage road and trail use data. TRAFx’s leading edge technology utilizes recent advances in several different fields, including embedded systems design, signal processing, earth’s magnetic field sensing and web-based software systems. TRAFx technology has a wide range of applications. A hallmark of TRAFx is software-driven versatility. Most of our customers are government agencies and researchers with rigorous data requirements. Count on us!

TRAFx Research has provided advanced counting systems to over 500 government agencies around the globe; these agencies manage public lands and infrastructures.

Our main US federal government customers include:

US Army Corps of Engineers
US Bureau of Land Management
US Fish and Wildlife
US Forest Service
US National Parks Service

Our main US state government customers include:

California Department of Fish & Wildlife
Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation
Florida Division of Forestry
Idaho Department of Fish & Game
Maine Department of Conservation
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department
Oregon Department of Natural Resources
South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks
Washington Department of Natural Resources

Our main government customers in Canada include:

Alberta, BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and other provincial governments
Northwest Territories and Yukon governments
Parks Canada (15 National Parks)
Local and regional goverments including:
MetroVancouver, Toronto, Halifax and Captial Regional District

Our main government customers in Australia and New Zealand include:

Auckland Regional Council, New Zealand
Christchurch City Council
Department of Environment and Conservation, WA, Australia
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Parks Victoria
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, QLD, Australia