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Use Desiccants!

Without desiccants, damaging condensation (moisture) forms when the air inside the counter's case cools.

Replace the desiccant packs each time you open the counter's case to download data.

  • Use 2 gram (Tyvek) silica gel packets
  • Buy small quantities Canada / US
  • Buy large quantities Canada / US
  • Store and transport in well sealed bag or container! (otherwise they expire in hours.)
  • Use two in wet or humid climates


TRAFx counters require very little maintenance. Neverthless, consult the maintenance section in the counter's instructions (see left).

Parts and repairs

TRAFx counters have a uniquely modular design, facilitating easy "do-it-yourself" repairs with replacement parts. For example, if someone vandalizes the TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter's IR scope (the "eye"), simply order a new IR scope and replace it yourself. There is no need to ship the counter back for repair. The replacement part comes with clear "how to" instructions.