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The table and FAQs below address most support scenarios. See these before emailing or calling.

A Troubleshooting table

# Problem How to resolve
PC / TRAFx Communicator problems
  • I cannot "talk" with my dock (or counter) using my PC
  • TRAFx Communicator does not work
  • I have a new (or upgraded) PC. What do I do?
Use Troubleshooting Wizard

Dock problems

  • My dock is not blinking / working
See Dock Troubleshooting
Try Troubleshooting Wizard
  • Using Shuttle Mode, I connect to a counter but only Shuttle Mode blinks
See Dock Troubleshooting (reboot dock)
  • Counter/Dock Alert is blinking on my G3 Dock. Why?
Set dock's time

Counter problems

  • Missing data; stopped counting early
  • Extremely high (>1000/day) counts; or no counts
  • Short battery life
  • What am I doing wrong? What step did I forget?

Data files have key clues!

Use DataNet's file diagnostic tool
  1. Login to DataNet
  2. UPLOAD > Past uploads... > Diagnostics
  • No lights blink on my counter
  • My counter does not work with my dock
  • Is my counter damaged or dead?

Data files have key clues!

Do Counter Test
  • Counts are moderately higher or lower than expected
  • How do I make adjustments?

See troubleshooting for Vehicle,
OHV, Mountain Bike, IR counter

4 Wrong date/time
  • How do I correct date/times in a data file?
Use Date Correction Tool

B Support FAQs

Q: How do I get a counter (or dock) repaired?
If after having reviewed the above table, the counter (or dock) is still not working, then please email us (see below). We first need to determine whether or not it is repairable. Water or moisture damage is usually not repairable. Ordering replacement parts is often the solution.

Q: One of my counters is not working. What’s the next step?
Do the counter test. If it passes the test but still does not work properly, use DataNet's Diagnostic Tool (see #3 above).

Q: How do I install my counter? How far away should I install it? Can you recommend a box?
All these questions are answered in the counter’s instructions: Vehicle, OHV, Mountain Bike, IR

Q: I am taking over from someone else. What do I do? Where do I start?
Go to trafx.net/support and download TRAFx Manual - Part I and the applicable counter instructions. Carefully read both. Also, confirm the counters have been installed properly.

Q: If I remove a counter's (or dock's) batteries, do I lose my data?
No, your data is safe.

C Tips and reminders

Troubleshooting Wizard

If you cannot communicate (i.e., "talk") with your TRAFx counter or dock to change its settings, download data, etc., or you are using your equipment for the first time, or if you have forgotten how to connect up and communicate, then please use our troubleshooting wizard. It is faster and easier than emailing or calling us.

Have a question about DataNet?

Find the answer here

Download manuals and software

Download the latest versions of the manuals and software here. There is a handy Quick Guide on page 5 of TRAFx Manual - Part I.

Use Desiccants!

Without desiccants, damaging condensation (moisture) forms when the air inside the counter's case cools.

Replace desiccant packs each time you open the counter's case to download data.

  • Store and transport in well sealed bag or container! (otherwise they expire in hours)   Buy

Still need help?

If you still require help after having consulted A, B, and C above, TRAFx is happy to help.

Email and phone support   

DataNet users enjoy PREMIUM support (priority email, and phone support) with their Premium support ID.

Q: Where do I find my Premium support ID?
Log into your DataNet account.
Your Premium support ID is in the upper right corner.

If you are not a DataNet user, BASIC support is available (email only).

Q: How do I become a DataNet user?
If you have purchased a system package, you simply need to activate your account.
If you do not have DataNet, please contact sales for details on purchasing a DataNet plan.

PREMIUM support
DataNet users
BASIC support
non-DataNet users
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Phone support
Diagnostic Tool
Troubleshooting wizard
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DataNet Manual

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