TRAFx Research Ltd. sells TRAFx System Packages, which include all the required TRAFx items. A TRAFx System Package contains:

A. Counters

Vehicle and trail counters

Three counters of your choice (same type or mixed), and weather-proof field cases.

B. Dock

Download counter data

The TRAFx Dock is for configuring and downloading counters. It has two modes:

PC Mode: for configuring (or downloading) a counter with a desktop or laptop.

Shuttle Mode: for downloading counters in the field without a computer.

Note: One TRAFx Dock can serve multiple counters.

C. DataNet

Analyse and manage counter data

TRAFx DataNet is a comprehensive web-based software solution to view and manage your TRAFx data. It is state of the art and goes far beyond typical data software. The TRAFx System Package includes a 5 user/5 year plan for it. It is compatible with all generations of TRAFx counters and is very easy to use.

To try our free online demo, click here DataNet demo

D. Cables

One TRAFx cable, and one USB-to-serial adapter cable (for USB connection).

E. Manuals and CD

The TRAFx system package includes a printed manual and a CD.

The above TRAFx system package, inclusive of any three counters and all items shown above, is currently $2195 USD. After ordering a system package, additional counters can be purchased at any time, with the cost per counter ranging from $445 to $520, depending on the quantity and type ordered. We also offer optional accessories. To request our price sheet or a formal quote, please click here.

Since 2001, we have served customers worldwide (see maps below) from our office in Canmore, Canada. Most of our customers are government organizations.

We are both the sole manufacturer and the sole authorized vendor of our products.
This allows us to offer: visa and mastercard

Because our products are compact and light, shipping costs are usually modest.

Count on us!

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Where are TRAFx counters for roads and trails used?

Canada and Alaska

Where are TRAFx counters for roads and trails used?

Contiguous US

Where are TRAFx counters for roads and trails used?

Australia and New Zealand

Where are TRAFx counters for roads and trails used?