TRAFx counting equipment is for government agencies and organizations who manage public lands, parks, and infrastructures. Our current designs are the result of over ten years of steady refinement and improvement. A TRAFx counting system consists of the following items:

A.  Counters

TRAFx vehicle and trail counters

With field cases

B.  Dock

Download counter data

With field case

C.  DataNet

Analyse and manage counter data

Multi-user plan

D.  Cables

Serial and USB

E.  Manuals and CD


Vehicle Counter  

TRAFx Vehicle Counter

  • Advanced Microelectronic Design
  • Install at Roadside, Above or Below Ground
  • Self-Contained Design, no External Wires or Tubes
  • Ideal for Rural, Rugged and Remote Roads
  • Very Small and Easy to Hide - Reduces Vandalism Risk
  • Use as Permanent or Portable Counter
  • Low Operating, Maintenance, and Installation Costs
  • Long Battery Life (approx. 1 year)
  • Large Memory Capacity (store > 400 million counts)
  • Operating Temperature: -40C (-40F) to +70C (158F)
  • Field-Proven, Generation III Design (>10 year history)

This innovative, reliable, compact vehicle counter uses an aerospace-quality magnetometer and advanced embedded software to detect passing vehicles.

Passenger cars can be counted from up to 6 metres (20 feet) away, allowing coverage of two lanes from a roadside installation. Roadside installations are safer and easier to access than mid-lane ones. If the unit is buried at the roadside, no road cuts or special tools are required. The vehicle counter's detection range is user-programmable, and can be adjusted for single lane or two lane counting. (read more...)

Put the above TRAFx Vehicle Counter into OHV mode for quads, motorbikes, jeeps, etc.  read more...

OHV Counter Off-highway vehicle counter

Put the above TRAFx Vehicle Counter into Bike mode to count bikes on paths and trails.

Mountain Bike Counter Mountain bike counter

The TRAFx Mountain Bike Counter is well suited to count mountain bikes on single track trails. It can also be used to count bicycles on bike paths up to 2.0m (6.6ft) wide. read more...

Vehicle to trail counter conversion

Trail Counter 

TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter

  • Advanced Microelectronic Design
  • Detects and Counts Trail Traffic
  • High-Quality Infrared Scope
  • Small and Easy to Hide - Reduces Vandalism Risk
  • Quick to Install
  • Long Battery Life (approx. 3 years)
  • Large Memory Capacity (store > 400 million counts)
  • Operating Temperature: -40C (-40F) to +50C (122F)
  • Field-Proven, Generation III Design (>10 year history)
  • Optional Locking Steel Box

The TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter is designed to count general traffic on trails and paths. Hikers, joggers, horseback riders, snowmobiles, cyclists, etc. Unlike other infrared trail counters, it does not require a receiving unit or reflector to operate. This results in a very compact, easy-to-hide design, that reduces risk of vandalism. Using a small, high-quality infrared scope mounted on a tree or post and pointed towards the trail, the TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter detects and counts the infrared signature associated with people.

A camouflage "skin" superbly hides the unit and blends it in with the forest environment. In busy, open areas (e.g., urban areas), a low-cost locking steel box can be used. The TRAFx Infrared Trail Counter also works well in winter conditions on hiking, ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile trails. It is quick and easy to install, and uses three small "AA size" alkaline batteries. (read more...)

Download counter data

The TRAFx Dock is for configuring and downloading counters. It has two modes:

PC Mode:
for configuring (or downloading) a counter with a desktop or laptop.
Shuttle Mode:
for downloading counters in the field, without a computer. Storage capacity: up to 375 TRAFx counters.  (read more...)
Download counter data with dock


TRAFx DataNet is a comprehensive web-based software solution to view and manage your TRAFx data. It is state of the art and goes far beyond typical data software. The TRAFx System Package includes a 5 user/5 year plan for it. It is compatible with all generations of TRAFx counters and is very easy to use.

Analyze and manage your vehicle and trail counter data

Here are some of DataNet’s highlights:

  • Web-based (no software to install or maintain)
  • You just need a web browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Log in to your secure online account from anywhere
  • Allows multiple, simultaneous account users (i.e., you and your co-workers)
  • Makes sharing data simple
  • Comprehensive yet very easy to use
  • Quickly generate totals, charts, reports, tables, etc.
  • Organizes and centralizes your organization's data
  • Promotes "best practice" for managing your organization's data
  • Compatible with all generations of TRAFx counters
  • Integrates metadata (counter data, photos, maps, GPS locations, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art software architecture
  • Robust security (encryption; SSL technology; offsite backup)
  • Cost-effective (5 user/5 year subscription plan is $500 US)
  • No limit on the number of counters or amount of data

Over 500 organizations use DataNet including:

US Forest Service
US Bureau of Land Management
US National Parks Service
Parks Canada
Parks Victoria
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Department of Fish and Wildlife
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
Government of British Columbia
East Bay Regional Parks District
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

Because DataNet is web-based, you do not have to wait for your IT department to install it and you always have access to the most recent version.

How does DataNet fit in? After you have retrieved data from counters in the field and you are back in your office, you upload the data files (including Shuttle files) from your PC to DataNet.

DataNet is a smarter way to view and manage your data. To test drive DataNet click below.

Try DataNet demo


One TRAFx cable, and one USB-to-serial adapter cable (for USB connection).

Manuals and CD

The TRAFx system package includes a printed manual and a CD.

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