Technical Support

[A] Troubleshooting Wizard

If you cannot communicate (i.e., "talk") with your TRAFx counter or dock to change its settings, download data, etc., or you are using your equipment for the first time, or if you have forgotten how to connect up and communicate, then please use our troubleshooting wizard. It is faster and easier than emailing or calling us. Click here to begin

[B] Download manuals and software

Download the latest versions of the manuals and software here. There is troubleshooting information in the manuals. There is also a handy new Quick Guide on page 5 of TRAFx Manual-Part I.

[C] Date Correction Tool

Did you accidentally set the date or time wrong on your counter or dock? Do you now need to adjust the dates and times in your data file? Use this tool to correct the dates/times in your affected data file or shuttle file.

Click here to begin

[D] Desiccants

Remember to replace the desiccant pack each time you visit the counter. These remove moisture from the air inside the counter's case and keep the electronics dry and happy. Here is the supplier of desiccants we currently recommend: (in Canada,

  • Search for part number: 2GramTyvek
  • Price: approx. 16 cents/each
  • Important: Store desiccants in tightly sealed ziplock bag or container! (if exposed to air they quickly expire).
  • If you are in a humid or wet location, use the larger 3 or 5 gram size
  • Purchase large quantities at low price at (USA) or (Canada). Enter product number: S-3903

[E] Contact Us

If none of the above helped, feel free to email us. The more information (description, data files, photos, etc.) you can provide, the better we are able to assist you.